Programme Introduction

Learn futuristic skills to thrive in a modern world 

Take charge of your learning journey and develop the skills to emerge as an agile leader in diverse fields. This programme will empower you with social intelligence, creative problem-solving and analytical abilities, communication skills, and ethical responsibility. Over four years, you will be taught to look at the world through an interdisciplinary lens and find solutions to complex global problems.

Creating agile leaders

Learn creative leadership skills that are compatible with a vast range of fields.

Learn from the best  

Study under renowned global thinkers and pioneering industry leaders.

Design your curriculum 

Receive guidance to mix and match courses that keep your inspired.

Students listening to a talk from "G for Good"
What You’ll Study

Launch your studies with comprehensive training across social sciences, sciences, and arts and humanities. You will be supported to develop an intellectual toolkit to think across disciplines and extract knowledge for application in case studies, capstone experiences, and hands-on learning opportunities under global thinkers and prominent industry leaders.

Across four years, you will major in three interdisciplinary core courses jointly offered by the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Social Sciences; an internship; and courses within one of two pathways, including cultures/societies or physical world/biological/human sciences.

Choose a second major or combination of minors and electives across faculties, including physics, history, psychology, political science, marketing, or management.

You will also complete BASc core courses plus language and common core requirements for undergraduates.

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Exciting Opportunities

In our core courses, social innovation internships, our in-house BAScLab, and other extra-curricular opportunities, you will have the chance to test your knowledge and learn what it takes to make an impact on the world.

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Career Prospects

As recent years have shown us, the world is filled with uncertainty. The programme sets you up for a career with impact in your local community and beyond. Your interdisciplinary education and integrated skills will give you a competitive edge in whatever field you choose to pursue. Put your hard-earned creative and critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, communication expertise, empathy, and vocational training to work in any industry of your choosing, from government, management, and public relations to banking, public policy, and journalism. The opportunities for BASc graduates are endless and as such, our degree programme is insurance against an ever-changing world.

If you’re considering this programme, please review our programme-specific application standards and deadlines to give yourself the best possible chance of securing a place.  


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