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International/Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme

We are delighted to invite you to apply to study at the University of Hong Kong. Our excellent academic standards, diverse campus, and extensive global programmes are just some of the many reasons why HKU is the leading university for outstanding students in Hong Kong and a favourite destination for bright minds from around the world.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to apply via our international or non-JUPAS admissions scheme. This section is for:

  • Non-local students with an international qualification or other national examination qualifications other than Mainland China’s National Joint College Entrance Examination (NJCEE) or GaoKao.
  • Local students with an international qualification or pending international qualification other than the HKDSE.
Admissions Standards
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  1. If you are transferring from a university locally or abroad, please choose Bachelor's or higher degree
  2. If you can’t find your qualification here, your academic results will be considered on an individual basis.
  3. Applicants who turn 25 on or before 1 September in the year that admission is sought are deemed to have satisfied HKU’s entrance requirements. However, meeting the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission. Mature applicants are required to present supporting documents proving academic or non-academic qualifications, work experience, and other relevant information.
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The BDS programme has no capacity to admit non-local candidates in 2024
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Admissions decisions to the University's undergraduate degree programmes are made based on academic performance as well as other factors, including interview performance, personal statement, references, other documents submitted to the University, etc. Satisfying the minimum requirements does not guarantee admissions.



Important Dates

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20 Sept
15 Nov (noon)

Applications received by noon (HKT) on this date will be evaluated and shortlisted for first-round evaluation.

Students should ensure their predicted or actual results are inputted into the application system for evaluation. For details, please refer to the "Submitting Applications" section.

Shortlisted students may be invited for interviews between November and January.

From 15 Nov

Applications received after noon (HKT) on this date will be considered on a rolling basis. Interviews will be extended on a case-by-case basis.

Students should ensure their predicted or actual results are inputted into the application system for evaluation. For details, please refer to the "Submitting Applications" section.

By 1 Dec

Please input any predicted and/or actual grades and submit any reference and supporting documents by this date for first-round evaluation. The counsellors portal will remain open after this date for submissions. Counsellors are advised to submit any predicted or preliminary results or references within one week of receiving an invitation.

*For students applying to the MBBS programme, please provide the predicted or preliminary results or references by 27 November 2023.

From 6 Dec

If you receive an offer of admission – congratulations! You will be required to indicate your acceptance within three to four weeks. You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit.

Please note

Non-local students should allow at least four to six weeks for an assessment and eight to ten weeks for a visa application upon receiving an offer. Our advice is to apply for a visa as soon as you have received a firm or conditional offer.

If you have not received an offer by 31 March 2024, you may assume your application has been waitlisted for evaluation during the next round. You may continue to submit any additional results in support of your application for evaluation.

22 Aug

Submitting Applications

We are pleased to invite you to submit an application for the 2024 intake to study at HKU. Applications will be accepted until 12 noon on 22 August 2024 (HKT) and considered on a rolling basis.

Before you submit your application, you are encouraged to carefully review our application guide below. 


To ensure the stability of the application system, please note that regular upgrade and maintenance will be performed every Wednesday at 10:00am (Hong Kong Time) with a down time between 10:00am to 1:00pm. Please avoid editing or submitting your application during the maintenance period.

Applicants must input all their academic results, including both predicted and actual results, into the application system (instead of merely uploading the documents). The purpose of uploading the documents is solely for verification of the academic achievements of the applicant. If it is the counsellor who has access to the predicted/actual results only, the applicant must ensure that the counsellor has inputted them into the system. If the counsellor is unable to do so through the system, he/she shall contact the Admissions Office via email ( Failure to do so may result in application rejection.

Please note that the information provided on the website is subject to change. Applicants are recommended to check this website as well as their applicant accounts regularly for any updates or changes to the application information. 


Fees and Scholarships

Tuition and Living Expenses

We aim to give deserving students from all over the world access to a top-quality education that opens doors globally, regardless of means or background. You (or your parents) only need to pay a fraction of the cost of education in Hong Kong, even though our educational standards are at an international level.

Check Tuition Fee and Living Cost


HKU offers a broad range of merit-based scholarships that support outstanding undergraduate students with one-off payments and provide renewable financial assistance for tuition and living expenses.

Find My Scholarships


Guidance for Counsellors

HKU has a dedicated portal for nominated counsellors to help them navigate the application process with step-by-step guides and frequently asked questions. You can invite a teacher or counsellor to oversee your application, confirm your academic results, upload supporting documents, and review other details about your application.

More Information for Counsellors



You may find the 25th - 75th percentile of admissions scores for GCE A-level and IB Diploma students admitted between 2016-2020 here for reference.


* Special Announcement *


International Qualifications

Please note the Subject Requirements for the Global Engineering and Business Programme and Bachelor of Engineering have been updated as follows:

“Mathematics and one of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.”

Updated on 25 January 2024

* Special Announcement *


HKU is fully aware of the incident concerning the recent IB examinations and will be closely monitoring the development of the situation. In any case, applicants may rest assured that we will holistically review each and every application and ensure all applicants are treated fairly.


Updated on 10 May 2024